Other Techniques

Other techniques include:

1. Modeling - asking a client to emulate someone who demonstrates the desired behavior.

2. Referentingcost benefit analysis of the behavior

3. Cognitive homework e.g. identifying and disputing irrational beliefs

4. Bibliotherapy and psychoeducational assignmentsbooks, lectures, groups

5. Proselytizingsharing the approach with others

6. Recording sessions allows clients to review ideas they may have missed and to reinforce other ideas.

7. Reframing viewing a problem from a different perspective, this gives it a different meaning.

8. Stop and monitor establish cues to stop and notice thought processes throughout the day.

REBT emotional techniques: 

  1. Rational emotive imagery 
  2. Forceful coping statements 
  3. Forceful taped disputing 
  4. Role playing 
  5. Reverse role playing 
  6. Humor (includes Ellis’s songs) 
  7. Unconditional acceptance by the therapist 
  8. Teaching unconditional self-acceptance and unconditional other acceptance 
  9. Encouragement 
  10. Encounter exercises

    REBT behavioral techniques:

    1. reinforcements 
    2. penalties 
    3. shame-attacking exercises 
    4. skill training 
    5. paradoxical homework 
    6. relapse prevention 
    7. in vivo desensitization 
    8. staying in difficult situations 
    9. acting on rational beliefs